QuickBooks Support Started new Navigation

After listening to feedback from your support and QuickBooks Support online, we are introducing some exciting new navigation changes to improve your productivity and online experience.

Here are the highlights of the changes that will take effect over the next several weeks:

Home is now called "dashboard" - QuickBooks online is more than just a normal mine; This enables you to really get the look and insight into your business that helps you take better decisions. That's why we are "dashboard" in the name of the homepage "home", so the objective is to get better display. And don’t worry, only the name is changing, all of your data will still be there.



Banking front and center - as you have requested, "Banking" is at the top of your navigation bar and bank rules to get your own tab now, you have hunted them to the right of your bank transactions cannot go without.



Sales - We've streamlined your navigation so you can find in one place all the sale - the - customer, product and services. Also, now you can do to see your invoice, payment overdue from your new Invoice tab.



Expenses - The cost tab, take care of everything related expenses, including vendors. Forward and jump back.



Accounting Chart - Find your chart and accounts under the new accounting tab. From the charts of accounts tabs get their registers immediately.

Our goal is by possibly the best experience you QuickBooks Enterprise Support to enable your prosperity so that you can love to get him back. Finally, we want you to spend your time in your business instead of your business.

We hope you enjoy your new navigation, driven by your suggestions.

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